Our Professional Services

Red Tree Creative Homes specializes in constructing single family residential homes in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia. We can assist a first time homeowner in every step of the process, from looking for the perfect building lot, to finding architects and trade professionals to dealing with the extensive process of attaining permits at city hall, we can be a one stop shop for all of your needs up to and including handing you the keys to your new home. We also offer project management services for the more experienced homeowner that simply needs managerial duties for their project.

Our Process

The process of creating your new home is an all-encompassing and collaborative one. We will begin by having a free, no-obligation, consultation to discuss your families wants and needs, budgets, timelines, and to answer any and all questions you will have regarding each step of crafting your vision into reality.

For the investor or spec home builder, this consult would slightly differ in the sense that it would focus on similar objectives, but with the goal of maximizing returns on investments, rather than customizing a home to a families specific needs.

The initial consult would then lead to moving the process forward.


Here, we would now hire and coordinate with architects, engineers, and interior designers to create a plan for your new home. This process can be very exciting as you will be able to now see your vision come to life. You can now show your pictures, cut/outs, magazines, Internet screen shots of ideas you would like to see incorporated into your new home. Initial drafts would be constructed. This would allow you to provide input into truly customizing your home, and allow us to guide you through any difficulties associated with the creative procedure.

Budgets & Permits

Once the design of your new home is complete, a detailed budget is created. This can be a very demanding process, as it is easy to immerse yourself in ideas and you can quickly find yourself in a bind if a fine balance is not followed between budgets and visions. Once a working budget is created and the plans are finalized, city permits are applied for. If there is a demolition required, many city permits and fees need to be applied for and approved. We would now navigate and complete this process in order to move to the building phase.


Once city plans have been approved and released, we will now be ready to dig the first shovel into the dirt. Many trade professionals are now consulted, hired, and coordinated with in order to construct your home.
Selections on finishing products are made at this time in consultation with homeowners and designers, all the while keeping a mindful of the budget.

Finishing & Warranty

Once the home is complete, many finishing items are tackled. Inspections, appliance installations, providing manuals, and warranty information on all aspects of your new home, will be focused on at this stage. The home will now be complete for you to enjoy.

Let's craft your vision, together.

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