About RedTree Creative Homes

Red Tree Creative Homes is a leading residential home building company that prides itself in manufacturing truly unique and creative luxury homes. To design a one of a kind, distinctive home, we believe the process must start with meticulous planning. Attention to detail is what separates Red Tree Homes from standard homes, and it is because of this, Red Tree is recognized as a respected name in crafting exceptional residential homes. A home is perhaps the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. To see your vision become a reality can be an exhilarating and thrilling process, but if not overseen properly, it can also be a challenging and wearisome one as well. Red Tree Creative Homes is in the business of designing and creating your luxurious living spaces; all the while helping you navigate the extensive process seamlessly. Let Red Tree Creative Homes help you bring your vision to life.

Quality Works

With over 12 years of experience in delivering exceptional quality, we pride ourselves in exceeding even the most discriminating of tastes

Red Tree Creative Homes has been pleased to provide homes to numerous hospital charity lottery campaigns. Our company has been behind some of the largest grand prize homes throughout the years including: Variety, The Children’s Charity, the VGH/UBC Hometown Heroes Lottery, and most recently, the BC Children’s Hospitals Dream Lottery grand prize.

We value the trust that these campaigns have placed in our abilities, and would look to work hard to earn that same level of trust from any client by delivering an equal level of excellence time and again.

Red Tree Creative Homes is a member in good standing of the British Columbia Homeowners Protection Office, and is pleased to be a long time member of the National Home Warranty Program. Clients are well taken care of, not only during the building process, but also, well after they have settled into their new homes.


  • To Dedicate ourselves to the creation of luxurious living spaces
  • To deliver exceptional designs by using outstanding quality and workmanship
  • To create homes that are truly unique, stylish & most importantly, to create an unbelievable backdrop to your families memories & milestones.

Lifetime Investments

Real Estate in Metro Vancouver is an avenue many have used to create small fortunes. Being in the business of luxury homes, Red Tree Creative Homes also offers investors an opportunity to not only supplement their incomes, but the chance to look at making sizeable returns on investments. Of course, with any investment, there are associated risks, and you should always do due diligence, but if investing in the real estate market is something that you have always considered, this may be a great way to get into the market.

What People Say About Us?

“I’ve had the privilege of representing Vic Sanghera in the sale of various LUXURY homes. His designs are SIMPLY STUNNING! Great attention to detail in both interior and exterior design. He is extremely accessible for any questions or issues that may arise. It is obvious he is passionate about his work and makes each owner feel proud of their new home.”

Lulu Sorbara, Re/Max Colonial Pacific Realtor

Red Tree Creative Homes and Vic Sanghera has earned and achieved the reputation of being one of my top choices as a Builder, Home Designer, Professional and Businessman when it comes to providing a Grand Prize Home that offers the " wow factor" , great, innovative floor plans, strong quality, creative features …… all in a committed, professional manner. I've been providing the real estate choices for many of the Lottery Foundations for 15 years, and I'm always thrilled to have the opportunity to have Red Tree Creative Homes provide a prize home, cause I know the home will be an absolute winner!

Bryan Boyce, Sutton Group West Coast Realty

I have had the pleasure of working with Vic Sanghera of Red Tree Creative Homes over the past ten years and continue to do so because of his quality workmanship, honesty and open communication. Working with Vic and his team allows my clients to feel well taken care of and they are always provided the best service and quality home. Vic's projects stay on track and on budget. Vic's vendors/tradesmen are reliable and cost effective. Its truly a pleasure to have someone like Vic working in our industry as a colleague.

Eleonora Kennedy, REM Decor

Vic Sanghera from Red Tree Creative Homes has been a client for many years. He has an exceptional attention to detail and strives to build a quality product for all his projects. In our extensive work with Vic, he has always been professional and brings fresh ideas into the homes he builds in an effort to further set himself apart from other Builders. We would highly recommend Vic to any potential client who is looking for a quality new home of any size, shape or style.

Raymond S. Bonter, Designer Ltd.

I have been very fortunate to be the design company that styled two luxury homes built by Red Tree Creative Homes. Both were grand prize packages, one for the VGH Millionaire Lottery and the other for VGH Choices Lottery. My inspiration for lottery projects always comes from the architecture and features of the house, and with Red Tree every detail is exquisite. There is timeless beauty to the lighting, tile, and wood paneling used in both homes. Owner Vic Sanghera is great to work with and assists us with whatever we need to complete each project. Having worked with new construction for many years, I can say without hesitation everything about Red Tree Creative Homes is above and beyond - they build absolutely gorgeous houses.

Sandra Hurtley, Positive Space Staging + Design Inc.